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Working with State and Federal Government Clients to Provide HVAC Service

W.B. Guimarin is known for its commercial HVAC work throughout the state of South Carolina. From educational and cultural institutions to more industrial and commercial settings. Our team members have a vast amount of experience with governmental clients. Since government contracts invoke taxpayer dollars for completion, federal, state and local contract requirements can be complex. Guimarin has decades of experience navigating the red tape and successfully completing jobs for multiple governmental agencies on both the federal and state level.

Due to Guimarin’s experience with governmental contracts, the Air Force base in Charleston, South Carolina, recently employed Guimarin to complete a job on the base. Our crew met with the head maintenance engineer for the Charleston Air Force base whose main concern was a chiller unit tied to one of the administrative buildings on base.

Upon completing an assessment, Guimarin’s crews got to work on a full change out, delivering and installing the system with full knowledge of the governmental process. Guimarin’s knowledge and capacity ensured the job was completed on time, on budget and within the parameters provided by the Air Force base.

In addition to federal contracts, Guimarin has also most recently secured a multi-site contract with the State of South Carolina to service the cooling towers of all state administrative buildings in the Columbia region. When developing the service program, the main concern of the client was the amount of labor and the timeline for completion. Guimarin’s service team worked with the state to develop a proactive service schedule to ensure the equipment was ready for the brunt of the summer heat.

Working with clients in the government setting often requires a higher level of flexibility due to the increased red tape around government contracts. Guimarin’s knowledge, experience and overall manpower allows our teams to be better responsive and prepared for these types of jobs.

W.B. Guimarin would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your business to service, repair or replace your company’s HVAC units in a timely, professional manner. Our crews service the entire state of South Carolina for HVAC installation and repair — and are always ready to provide emergency service. Contact us for more information.