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WBG joins the Unified Group

The Unified Group, a national organization of commercial HVAC companies, has selected W.B. Guimarin as its newest member. The Unified Group assesses prospective members based on the number of years in business, commitment to training, awards/accolades received, positive customer and vendor references, and a desire to improve or grow the service side of the business. W.B. Guimarin will join more than 50 hand-selected contractors throughout the United States. Learn more about W.B. Guimarin’s HVAC Service Division by visiting


ABOUT THE UNIFIED GROUP: Formed in 1998, The Unified Group is an organization of more than 50 of the very best independent HVAC commercial contractors in the industry. Our goal is to make great HVAC companies even stronger, and by doing so, to increase the value we each provide to our customers, whether they are local, regional, or national businesses. We bring together the best people to share best practices and experiences with each other. Through the sharing, our members become more productive, more profitable, and greater resources to their customers. The real strength of the group is in the quality of our members and their willingness to share information that helps us all to become more successful. To learn more about The Unified Group please visit or watch this video