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WBG Charleston – Daniel Humphries

Coming from a strong background in the HVAC world, W.B. Guimarin is celebrating Daniel Humphries as our newly appointed Branch Manager within our Service Team in Charleston.  Starting out in the early 2000’s, Daniel has spent a considerable amount of time in both the residential and commercial side of the mechanical space both as a project installer on specialized equipment and as a service technician.  Having a keen eye on delivering temperature solutions to a wide array of customers and facilities, we are excited to see his progression continue for our clients in the Low Country area.

“My main goal being in this seat is to make sure all of our current customers are happy, and to keep my team taken care of.”

If you are ever in need help with an issue on a process chiller, boiler, HVAC packaged system and everything else in between, rest assured, you will be taken care of by Daniel and his team.

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