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Smart Buildings Deserving Of Intelligent HVAC Systems

The blending of both smart thermostats & zoning systems in commercial HVAC systems, helping tenants and business owners save on their electrical bill. Smart thermostats learn from the daily routines of your building’s occupants, automatically adjusting temperature for “creature comfort”. Facility managers and property managers can easily control these smart thermostats remotely by their phone or from a web portal, making it a breeze to manage multiple locations. Additionally, these systems can self-adjust the settings based on if there are people in the office space, or even if the weather forecasts for another splendid 98 degree day.

Zoning systems take your commercial HVAC to the next step in efficiency by sectioning your building’s interior into different zones, each with its own thermostat and mean of control. In doing so, you can tailor temperature settings in various areas based on occupancy and usage patterns, significantly improving energy efficiency – thus saving on unnecessary your energy bill. In addition, zoning systems enhance comfort by allowing different temperature settings in separate areas, accommodating those hard to please preferences without affecting the entire building.  Seeing fans and space heaters alike carried in and out of your office.  There probably a reason for that…

Enhanced air quality management is another advancement in today’s smart commercial HVAC systems that can be a benefit. These systems have sensors that are constantly monitoring the indoor air quality like the CO2 levels, particulate matter, humidity, and temperature. Real-time data provided by these sensors allows the HVAC equipment to adjust ventilation and filtration on the fly to maintain optimal air quality.  During the flu and pollen months in South Carolina, having such a system in place can help decrease your employee call outs due to sickness & allergies.

W.B. Guimarin’s Team has developed plans of action the HVAC mechanical systems tied to government, healthcare, religious, cultural, and manufacturing facilities in ensuring their facility is brought to life.  If putting a brick and mortar facility on SC’s soil is in the works, our team can provide the necessary engineering, project management, and scheduled service work for your site-specific HVAC system.

Giving Buildings Life Throughout South Carolina.”