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Servicing Those Whom Support Our Farmers

“In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.” –Henry Rollins-

Movement outside can easily be observed throughout the day in ones neighborhood yards, traffic going in-and-out of your local Lowes or Home Depot, and in rural areas with the crops being tended to. Yes, we are in the still in the midst of spring with warmer air in the eve with longer lighted evenings to enjoy being outside. Edging the yard, putting mulch down, addressing the 1st coat of fertilizer on ones yard, and putting attention to that garden to finally be fruitful during the coming days.

For those in the agricultural space, the necessity of observing and testing ones soil of nutrient levels for plant(s) growth is not just to appease ones HOA Board, its a way of ones livelihood. Farmers across America work to optimize their crop growth to ensure strong yields to supply the population at the store fronts. To obtain strong growth, many look to specialized fertilizers to address their soil with. These patented fertilizers aren’t your normal run of the mill that you can pick up at the local store. They are designed with specialized coatings to help preserve, as well as slowly and steadily release the compounds to the dirt and crops alike.

At the main fertilizer manufacturing operations, an large display of hoppers, piping, exhaust systems, and commercial grade HVAC systems can be found. Each part of the plant vital to the overall success of the product that is bagged, tagged, and sent out for the fields. W.B. Guimarin’s Service Team has helped the likes of ICL Group in North Charleston in providing a comprehensive service program tailored for their associated mechanical systems needs. In providing OEM service on their manufacturing line HVAC equipment to keeping their R&D lab and associated office areas at a comfortable working temp, their team can continue to focus on providing Grade-A fertilizer products to our farmers across America.

Industrial manufacturing facilities can be up against a slew of obstacles much like a fertilizer manufacturer; cooling ones process, humidity control, minimizing equipment damage, keeping energy consumption down, and as always….maintaining product quality. WBG’s Service Team & Special Projects Team continues to set the standard in South Carolina in providing guidance and expertise to get over hurdles that you may have occurring onsite. If you have action items on your “To-Do” list that need attention for system like;

  • Electrical Room Temperature Fluctuations
  • Chiller Systems
  • Boilers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Built-Up Air Handling Units
  • Scientific Hoods
  • Annual Filter Schedule

Our team would enjoy the chance to showcase our expertise and knowledge to get you back on track, as well as plan for capital projects in the coming future.

Giving Buildings Life Throughout South Carolina.” -W.B. Guimarin & Co.-