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Safety: Back Injury Prevention

From Safety Coordinator Jeff Waters:

In 2012 we are striving for 0 back injuries at WBG. Over the past couple months I introduced an informal training on preventing back injuries. Many simple exercises can prevent unnecessary strain to back muscles.

Stretching and warming up before doing any manual material handling goes a long way. Before coming to work, try to allot 3-5 minutes of basic back stretches in the morning, to warm up your muscles. When it comes to lifting something, make sure to take slow and steady movements, and don’t lift anything too heavy for one person.

As far as taking care of your body, proper nutrition, exercise and taking care of stress are vital in maintaining a healthy back. Something as simple as walking 30 minutes a day or improving your diet will make you a healthier person. This all may be common sense, but keeping this in mind will lead to a healthier, safer and more productive workforce.