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Providing Mortuary Employees with a New HVAC System

When it was time to replace their HVAC system, a local mortuary knew they needed someone with a track record of successfully completing projects with great attention to detail. W.B. Guimarin’s longstanding approach of individualized planning and execution of projects provided the client with the comfort they needed to trust that the job would be completed and meet all local, state, federal and industry compliance standards — as well as keep their employees safe.

The mortuary offers both burial and cremation services for families seeking to honor and memorialize the lives of their loved ones once they have passed away. Mortuary employees must take special care in the preparation of bodies for either burial or cremation. Part of the preparation includes applying formaldehyde to corpses to slow and prevent decay.

Due to the sensitive nature of working with cadavers, installing a ventilation unit presented a unique opportunity for Guimarin’s crew to showcase their expertise. The health risk of formaldehyde exposure to employees necessitated proper ventilation, humidity and temperature control. Guimarin’s expertise in the HVAC industry, including working under unique requirements, positioned us well to provide our customer with the quality of work as required.

“In addition to conditioning the space, we also had to provide proper ventilation for the space,” says Kyle Steadman, W.B. Guimarin’s Upstate Project Manager. “In this situation, that meant recapturing air to bring it back into the space to meet OSHA’s guidelines.”

The project, like all HVAC systems installed by Guimarin, was customized by an engineering group for the exact facility. This allows Guimarin to ensure each individual system is compliant with OSHA requirements and ordinances and state and federal guidelines.

Not only does Guimarin pride ourselves on our attention to detail with our products, but we also take a thoughtful approach to our clients’ specific situations. Guimarin not only fulfilled the need of a new, code-compliant system but also provided the client with extra useable space for storage.

Whether your company needs to replace a current HVAC system or needs help in conceptualizing a new work area, our team would enjoy the opportunity to showcase our skillset. Our crews service the entire state of South Carolina for HVAC installation and repair — and are always ready to provide emergency service. Contact us for more information.