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President’s Day

Waking up and hitting the road today, you may have had the luxury of a speedy transit to the office or running around completing ones necessary chores.  May have taken a minute to realize that today is Presidents Day here in the United States.  If you utilize the tech driven shortcuts (Siri, ChatGPT, etc.) for info gathering, takes no time to get all the facts of when Presidents Day was enacted, whom for, and all of the other data points.  Thanks to Google’s search results, you can also quickly go down a historical info rabbit hole.  If you are thinking this piece is going from Presidents Day to HVAC related…kudos to you. 

During George Washington’s Presidency, cooling towers, package units, chillers, and refrigeration systems were just a figment of one’s imagination when the White House was being constructed back in the 1800’s.  The focus of yesteryears HVAC was heavily focused on heating methods such as fireplaces and coal burning stoves with the technology at the time.  As time progressed, and America went from its initial President to having a 32nd President, the White House got a bit of TLC during the “White House Reconstruction” in the 1930’s.  Electrical updates, improving the structural integrity, improved plumbing, and the addition of conditioned air were completed.

While Franklin Roosevelt was in office, the first central HVAC system was installed and started up for the President, First Family, and associated in-house staff in 1933.  With the Presidents past health concerns, the new air conditioning provided a healthier environment as well added comfort for the hot and humid summers.  George Washington never did get to live and work out of the White House, nor did he get to see the finished project, one can only imagine what he would have to say about the updates completed on the White House….as well as advances in today’s dental world.

“Giving Buildings Life Throughout South Carolina” isn’t just a phrase, it’s a course of action that WBG team delivers to our clients.  Much like the overhaul completed back in the 1930’s on the White House, our in-house team has the experience and knowledge of improving upon your facilities aged out mechanical and plumbing systems.  Our commitment in the HVAC world to extends back to 1926 with the 1st HVAC system installed in South Carolina, and it is far from slowing down.  If you have kicked around the cherry tree a time or two in ways to improve your facilities environment and need guidance, Guimarin is ready when you are.