Innovista Discovery I at USC Columbia

Discovery I, an existing shell building on USC’s Innovista campus, has become an intense project as we near the halfway point of completing a 10 month project to upfit four floors, two of which will be lab space for research with corresponding offices. The project consist of multiple systems to… Read More

Harborview Elementary School, James Island

Underground pipe installation is always a challenge in the Lowcountry (see our previous post on the Gaillard Center). With any underground installation, we have to worry about drainage after big storms, but down at sea level, we also struggle against ground water: Work cannot continue while trenches… Read More

Gaillard Performing Hall, Charleston

February and March were interesting times at the Gaillard Center. Underground work was halted as bodies were discovered during the excavation process. State archaeologists were called to the site to properly deal with the remains; they believe that these bodies are as old as Charleston itself, which was first… Read More

Careers in Construction

Just as we are seeing reports in the news about America’s shrinking Middle Class, a new study from Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce and Civic Enterprises highlights that there are 29 million middle-class jobs in the US that do NOT require a 4 year bachelor’s degree from a… Read More

Employee Interview: Jim Joyner

What trade do you work on? I’m a Sheetmetal and Refrigerant Piping Foreman. What job are you working on currently? MUSC Specialty Care and Charles River in the Lowcountry. What is your safety focus right now? I’m currently working by myself with Test and Balance subs on my… Read More

Safety: Heat Stress Management during Summertime

The warm weather this year has arrived, and summer will soon be upon us. Excessive heat can place abnormal stress on the body. When the body temperature rises even a few degrees above normal (about 98.6 degrees), unless steps are taken to cool the body down, a person… Read More

How to Make a Service Call

You may know that as a Mechanical Contractor, we have been serving the Midlands since 1903.  But did you know that our Service Department has celebrated over 25 years of exceptional service to our customers?  We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service and customer satisfaction in all we… Read More

Safety: Back Injury Prevention

From Safety Coordinator Jeff Waters: In 2012 we are striving for 0 back injuries at WBG. Over the past couple months I introduced an informal training on preventing back injuries. Many simple exercises can prevent unnecessary strain to back muscles. Stretching and warming up before doing any manual material handling… Read More