Heat Index Increasing….Steps To Better Suit Your Facility

Managing the stress on your commercial HVAC equipment during these extreme heat waves is essential for keeping it running smoothly as well as keeping your employees or tenants happy. A key step is to optimize your thermostat settings. By raising the thermostat just a bit during the hottest parts of… Read More

Advantages of Working with a Sole Trusted HVAC Contractor

In the realm of commercial HVAC maintenance and management, collaborating with a single trusted contractor has its benefits, particularly when it comes to preventative maintenance, reactive service, as well as ones upcoming capital projects. Guimarin’s approach to providing HVAC solutions offers several compelling advantages; streamlined communication, accountability, customized service plans,… Read More

Climate Conditions on Firework Quality

Amongst the pool parties, parades, and grills fired up for ones 4th of July celebrations, the cornerstone of the day comes as the day turns to eve, and all eyes turn to the sky.  May it be a simple sparkler waving through the darkness, local firework display,… Read More

Role of HVAC Air Filters in Maintaining Efficiency & Compliance

In the complex interconnected world of facility management, the HVAC system is an essential, sometimes overlooked, component. Responsible for maintaining a healthy and productive environment for various facilities of the likes of commercial properties – industrial/manufacturing plants – healthcare sites – educational buildings. A… Read More

WBG’s Foreman Receives Safety Award

Stephen Ray was recently given praise by the Thompson Turner Construction team for his continued workmanship, detailed communicator, as well as his ongoing commitment to workplace safety on the jobsite. Coming into the construction world out… Read More

Hotel Operation – Water Heater CO Issue

Recently, WBG’s Lowcountry Service Team had received a call from a hotel that was in need of help. The local fire marshal had come into their business and tagged out 1 of 3 water heaters for excessive CO in the area and it was needed to be fixed ASAP with… Read More

HVAC Decommissioning Excellence

W.B. Guimarin may be known for it HVAC projects around the state, but what about all of that old equipment…what happens to it?  First and foremost, safety is paramount for a number of reasons in decommissioning and removal. HVAC systems are complex, housing electrical components, refrigerants, and other hazardous materials… Read More

Smart Buildings Deserving Of Intelligent HVAC Systems

The blending of both smart thermostats & zoning systems in commercial HVAC systems, helping tenants and business owners save on their electrical bill. Smart thermostats learn from the daily routines of your building’s occupants, automatically adjusting temperature for “creature comfort”. Facility managers and property managers can easily control these smart… Read More

Schools Out….Time To Assess Your HVAC

When it comes to creating a healthy and productive learning environment, ASHRAE’s (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) standards for HVAC air filtration are the unsung heroes of the classroom. These guidelines, designed to ensure optimal indoor air quality, play a crucial role in maintaining a space where… Read More

40 Ton Changeout – HVAC Special Projects Team –

After some time and usage, the River District Church located in West Columbia needed to have their HVAC system replaced to serve their sanctuary area.  In reviewing the scope of work to be completed Jeff Eargle had his field experienced utilized in conceptualizing how the project had to be executed. … Read More