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Keeping Plastics Cool & Quality Hot

You probably touched 5 items during your morning routine to the office, plastic items are used on a regular basis for day-to-day schedule. Brushing your teeth with ones toothbrush, pouring your milk from its canister, to using your pen at your desk mapping out todays “To-Do” list…they are everywhere. Throughout South Carolina, companies are keeping up with demand by setting up manufacturing facilities providing the populous with a wide variety of products. Automotive parts, containers, plastic pellets, the list goes on.

W.B. Guimarin’s Engineering Team & Service Team, have been right there helping provide solutions for those in need. Recently, in the upstate, Neal Ludwig and his team had come across a situation that one of Greenville’s manufacturers was up against. Alarms were popping off, manufacturing was slowed down, and there was talks of the need of replacing multiple compressors on the aging McQuay Chillers. Luckily, they had reached out to our Service Team for a second look.

Having a seasoned team at your disposal was crucial in this event. Though the newer chiller are slick with their heads up monitoring easily accessible by a finger tip, mission critical HVAC systems still need knowledgeable technicians understanding the ins and outs of how they operate and what all to look for… especially on some of the older systems out there in the field.

During WBG’s diagnostics, we had deemed that all 4-compressors were in fact fully functional. The issue was with the electrical wiring that was in place. The source of their alarm stating “Low Evaporator Pressure” was due to the control wire being incorrectly wired up. Having the incorrect wiring set up was bringing on both the 1st and 2nd stage cooling capacity when the chillers really only called for the 1st stage to come online. Guimarin provides solutions as such to industrial manufacturers on a daily basis.

Every plastic manufacturer, may it be extrusion, injection molding, thermoforming, or blow molding has site specific needs for their overall success. We could list out all the companies in South Carolina involved in the world of plastic manufacturing, but we would rather hear about some of the challenges that you are up against so our team can better suit your facility.

Giving Buildings Life Throughout South Carolina.” –W.B. Guimarin & Co., Inc.