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“I’m Fascinated By The Skills Gap.” -Mike Rowe-

Spring has sprung throughout South Carolina, and for many, High School graduation is right around the corner.  What is your next step once you have your diploma in hand?  Beach trip, hanging out with friends, looking for a job?  WBG may not be able to help plan out your vacation, but what we can offer is a defined direction for a career path on our team through our apprenticeship program that we have to offer.  YOU can have a direct impact on the growth of South Carolina by joining our team and being a contributor to the various projects we have going on throughout the state.

Apprenticeship Advantage

Imagine learning an in-demand skill in the trades, where you aren’t sitting in a classroom day-in & day-out but instead you are getting to be tied to a real-world work environment.  In going with an apprenticeship, you will be afforded to go head-first into a hand-on learning experience getting to learn the intricacies of the construction world in the spaces of HVAC duct-work, new construction plumbing, and pipefitting/welding.  Instead of having a financial burden that comes along with a trade school’s tuition, WBG can offer you a path to being debt free along with obtaining invaluable skills.

Earn While You Learn

In going through WBG’s apprenticeship program in the trades, you don’t just get on-the-job experience, you will also get to earn a steady income from day one.  Tuition fees, student loans all to be payed back once you leave the trade school can be eliminated.  Just imagine walking out of the apprenticeship program, have not 1 single student loan to repay, have amassed a sizable amount of in the field experience, and have your certifications needed squared away…pretty nice feeling.  The money that you will accumulate during the program along with a new skill, will pave the way for job security and prosperous future.

The Time Is Now

As you weigh your options for pursuing a career in needed trades, consider WBG’s Apprenticeship Program. With the opportunity to earn while you learn and escape the burden of tuition and student loans, apprenticeships offer a pathway to financial independence and professional success. Seize the opportunity to embark on a rewarding journey where learning, earning, and being a part of the WBG Team.

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