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HVAC Project Manager – Jeff Eargle


This past month, Jeff Eargle has stepped into the HVAC Project Manager seat for the Columbia region.  Coming into the space when he was just 17 years of age, Jeff has been immersed in the field throughout the South East region installing commercial grade ductwork, piping, and mechanical HVAC systems.  Along with project execution, his experience as a service installation technician has helped in formulating plans of action to ensure the equipment is able to be serviced properly long after being commissioned.

With well over a decade  with W.B. Guimarin, Jeff has been a key proponent and leader to ensuring the various chillers, built-up air handlers, boilers, and HVAC systems are installed and started up for our key clients.  He is devoted to continue to keep pushing, as he always has, to keep abreast of the latest systems and to keep the HVAC Project Division moving forward.

If you and your team are currently underway in planning for your facilities associated HVAC systems to be upgraded, or would like another set of eyes on a project, the team here at W.B. Guimarin is well prepared to formulate a plan together with yours.