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HVAC In The Game Of Golf

“A tradition unlike any other.” -Jim Nantz-

It’s Master’s week for those golf aficionados across the land, and soon the light & calming theme song will be heard throughout office spaces and households alike. The tournament, for many, spearheads the golf season bringing in over $8.7B annually worldwide for one of the most aggravating and addictive sports. Prior to grabbing your clubs and driving out to the nearby muni to play with friends, various firms work tirelessly to ensure the populous can have an enjoyable time outside.

Keeping Perfect Ground Temperature

Heat, humidity, and ground temperature will make or break a golf course in certain areas of the United States. In the sun battled heat of the south, grounds keepers do what they can to not have their greens and fairways burned up by August. The Leadership Team at Southern Hills Country Club took an engineered approach to keeping their course suitable for both club members and PGA Championships. Having planted bentgrass, which thrives in ground temperatures of around 78F, a plan of action was formed to ensure their greens weren’t getting scorched by the sun.

A vast network of tubing (38 miles worth) tied to a series of heat pumps with over 560 tons of capacity for the courses greens went online. This allowed the grounds team to fluctuate ground temperature to ensure their courses greens and practice greens looked and performed picture perfect.

The Mecca

At Augusta National, the sudden and torrential rain that seems to pop up on a daily basis during the summer months can quickly waterlog their greens, and the ungodly heat can also prove detrimental for the blades of grass. Under all of that grass, soil, and past years droppings of pimento cheese sandwiches lays a network of sensors, piping, and mechanical systems.

Underneath Augusta National

Soda City

Located just outside downtown Columbia sits Forest Lake Club. The team within W.B. Guimarin has been providing their various facilities from the greens crew building all the way up to their main clubhouse with solutions to their HVAC needs. As no one wants to sit enjoy their meal, have a big wedding event, or have the ambient air and humidity out of synch. With today’s technology advances in HVAC equipment, their is no need to.

Our Special Projects and Service Team has been providing scheduled service along with working with their team to plan for upcoming equipment changeouts and upgrades to suit the various areas needs. Timing, planning, and clear communication are critical for facilities as such with all of the activities and events set on ones calendar. WBG understands that, and we set out each and every day to ensure your operation is being held to standard.

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