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Hotel Operation – Water Heater CO Issue

Recently, WBG’s Lowcountry Service Team had received a call from a hotel that was in need of help. The local fire marshal had come into their business and tagged out 1 of 3 water heaters for excessive CO in the area and it was needed to be fixed ASAP with tourism season in full swing for the area.

In reaching out to Guimarin’s Service Team, they were going to be taken care of especially with having a NCI certified Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Analysis Operations Manager on our team.  Going through and analyzing each of the power vented, direct-fire water heaters we had recorded readings of each of the units. WBG had noted that one of the other units should have been tagged out with unacceptable recorded readings in the 400-900 PPM range (should be no more than 100 PPM).

After spending time reviewing the overall operation of each of the units, the cause of excess CO was due to the gas being over fired during the heating period.  In adjusting the gas pressures to the water heaters, we got the CO readings back to where they should have been from the get go, getting the systems back on-line, and providing hot water to the hotels customers.

Guimarin’s Service Team provides a wide array of technical knowledge to keep your operation compliant and running.  We can be reached around the clock to provide your team with the necessary expertise that you need for your HVAC and mechanical systems.