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DHEC Compliance: The Annual Check-Up For Commercial Properties

WBG’s Backflow Inspection

Ensuring the necessary backflow inspection each and every year, is absolutely necessary to getting the overall health check of the plumbing system that works each and everyday…especially for the wide variety of commercial properties located throughout the state of South Carolina.  Yes, plumbing isn’t usually top of mind unless it clogging up and causing damage and issues for you, tenants, employees, or even ones production floor.  Even more so, it is a mandatory necessity in todays age for the well being of your water supply.

In the booming commercial property landscape that is occurring in South Carolina, your backflow inspection is more than just a mandatory requirement, its an investment to keep operational efficiency and overall risk mitigation.  Keeping regular inspections completed and documented, serve as one proactive measure to prevent any unfortunate backflow concerns from coming up and risking the purity of the water supply.  W.B. Guimarin’s Service Team can help ensure this action item of ones MEP systems are checked in accordance of South Carolina’s DHEC standards.  We can help you steer away from possible water disruptions, fines, health concerns and move forward to a commitment to ones corporate responsibility.

It’s a small price to pay at the end of the day for peace of mind – ensuring reliable water supply and having knowledge of the working status of your backflow system.  Prioritizing an annual inspection isn’t just a wise business move, it is a strategic move.

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