Skilled and Experienced
A strong estimating team gets the project off to a good start.  Our estimators bring years of experience, training, and certifications to each project and have collectively worked on over 150 projects.

Leading Technology
We stay on top of our industry by using the best estimating software.  We provide you with efficient and accurate estimates that are crucial to keeping your project on budget.

Your Partner
Projects have budgets and we have a proven track record of meeting yours.  If alternate materials or methodologies can be used to meet your budget, we work with you to create a project that fits your needs.


Committed Professionals
From engineer assist, to a comprehensive plan, to a remodel — our design engineers have done it all.  Experience, cross-training, certifications, and technology implementation means you get the best team in the industry.

Economical, Efficient, & Durable
Good design is crucial in avoiding unnecessary construction and operating costs.  Each design is thoughtfully planned to ensure HVAC, plumbing, and additional mechanical systems operate at peak performance.


Project Management

Our project managers have diverse backgrounds and are exposed to every facet of the business.  This cross-training proves extraordinarily valuable as we keep projects on time and under budget.

With over 100 projects completed on time in the last 5 years, our project managers know how to get it done — and clients agree.

Sheet Metal Fabrication and Pipe Prefabrication


Customized Quality
WBG employs well-trained and experienced pipe fitters, welders, and sheet metal fabrication specialists to guarantee high quality results.  The ductwork is customized to meet the exact needs of your design.

Quick Response
An in-house shop allows us to respond quickly as new needs arise and reduce lead time for the project.

HVAC, Plumbing, and Medical Gas Installation

Consistent and Reliable
Your job site gets our team of seasoned, trained, and certified field tradesmen for the proper installation of your building’s mechanical systems.  Dedication to safety helps to ensure the smooth and steady progression of your project’s timeline.