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40 Ton Changeout – HVAC Special Projects Team –

After some time and usage, the River District Church located in West Columbia needed to have their HVAC system replaced to serve their sanctuary area.  In reviewing the scope of work to be completed Jeff Eargle had his field experienced utilized in conceptualizing how the project had to be executed.  When the church was originally built, the air handler was first installed and the brick masons then built up the room during its construction.  First train of thought was to cut into the outside wall to install a door so that our team would be able to easily remove the old unit and install the new air handler.  But with many years that had gone by, it was noted that there had been some areas of the brick wall that were not suited to have the necessary cuts needed.

WBG’s Special Projects teams experience in such situations proved vital to move around this issue.  In working in tight spots, as with many of our commercial customers, Jeff had used his prior experience in breaking down the air handler into manageable pieces to then reassemble in the work space.  Time and time again, it is instances as such that our customers look to us for guidance in all stages of their capital projects.  Needing a helping hand for a current project that is on your timeline?  WBG’s HVAC Special Projects Team has the knowledge and labor ready to get your facility situated.